How A Private Digital Gold Currency Can Fix America
Spontaneous Order- America's Second Chance

It has been more than two centuries since Americans have been presented with an opportunity like the one you are about to see. Thomas Paine's 1776 Common Sense led to the Declaration of Independence with these inspirational words:

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

The Founders of America formed the best government ever created by the mind of man. In spite of a few significant flaws, the United States flourished until the election of 1912, but it has been downhill ever since. Thankfully, as you are about to see, the American people can grab a second chance to take our freedom back; "In 2016, We still have it in our power to begin the world over again." Understanding why freedom is not possible without a private digital gold currency is found in this presentation- PDGC and in the discussion that follows as to how we lost our way and how the PDGC will spontaneously create the circumstances that will enable our recovery.

Some problems are so long-standing and so complex that most people can easily reach the conclusion that such problems are too intractable and too complex for solution. And in other cases people abandon the search because any solution could take longer than they are likely to live. The growth of big government, welfare and warfare are at or near the top of many people's list of insoluble problems. The truth is that no one has to "solve" this insoluble problem. With the introduction of the Private Digital Gold Currency into the economy, the problem will solve itself in less than a decade. PDGC will take the control of money and credit out of the hands of governments and banks, and put it into the hands of buyers and sellers where it logically belongs.

History is unambiguous. Government is a one way street. Bad governments get worse and good governments inevitably go bad. Economies wax and wane over varying periods of time until they crash. Generally speaking, the bigger the boom, the bigger the crash. And the longer the boom, the longer the depression. Ludwig von Mises identified the problem, "The wavelike movement affecting the economic system, the recurrence of periods of boom which are followed by periods of depression, is the unavoidable outcome of the attempts, repeated again and again, to lower the gross market rate of interest by means of credit expansion. There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

And FA Hayek identified the villain, "I am convinced we shall never have good money again so long as we leave it in the hands of government. Government has always destroyed the monetary systems."

Politicians gain and hold power by promising benefits to their constituents. Politicians have an unlimited power to promise but a limited ability to tax. Inflation, generated through borrowing and money printing, bridges the gap between the unlimited promises and the limited power to tax for an indefinite period of time. Government and bank-inspired inflation corrupt the price discovery mechanism that organizes the market economy. Without the unlimited power to promise or borrow, government and the banks become self-limited and lose the incentive and the power to interfere with the price discovery function that regulates the market economy. Sound money and sound credit are the solution for the economic problem which in turn becomes self-limiting for the political promising problem. Freedom and greater productivity growth are the predictable results.

Austrian economists have described a process identified as "spontaneous order." In an article entitled Rinkonomics, Daniel Klein has provided the best example for understanding the process. The article provides insight as to how each actor in the economy interacts with every other actor in the economy in a way that shares needed information in a timely fashion which allows each actor to achieve their own best possible results under the existing circumstances and in the most efficient way possible. The process does not guarantee satisfactory or even desirable results. But it allows each actor the opportunity to change and improve their results without forceful or directed outside interference. And each actor can continue or abandon their actions at any time and on their own terms as conditions exist at the time. The pricing system of market exchange is a form of spontaneous order that results from human action, but it is not the result of human intent or human design. And it should be clearly apparent that no matter how smart, how powerful, or how much information is available to a potent director, it would not be possible for the potent director to achieve results that are as good as those obtained by the independently acting participants no matter how much experience is accumulated by the director or how motivated and how good the intentions of the director. Hence the proof of the benevolent potent director fallacy. Paine was right; government is not a blessing, and is at best "a necessary evil."

A private digital gold currency (PDGC) will limit and then prevent governmental and political interference with the price discovery mechanisms of the monetary system which will in turn restrict the growth of government. Term limits for politicians and judges will do the rest. And the solution can be achieved in less than a decade starting with this year's November election.

How do we get a PDGC?

It may be easy. Motivated people are already looking for ways to help.

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