Drafting The Declaration of Independence Provides The Precedent
For Implementing A Private Digital Gold Currency


But Picture It In Today's Setting

    Impressionist's paintings are anything but precise reflections of life; nevertheless they portray or paint a message that resonates with their audience. Hopefully you have already seen the William Hurt movie, "Endgame" which is the story of how Goldfields Inc engineered the peaceful transfer of political power in South Africa from the white apartheid government to the black ANC, avoiding what appeared to be an imminent almost inevitable blood-bath, and thereby preventing Goldfields, South Africa's largest employer, from potentially suffering the country's largest human resource and economic losses. If you haven't seen the movie, keep reading, but please avail yourself of the opportunity to watch the movie and then re-read the material on these website pages to appreciate just how effective these patterned round-table discussions can be.

Picture a modern round table discussion similar to the one being portrayed in the traditional painting above with the following people sitting around the table:

  Bill Gates (Microsoft), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), Carlos Slim Helu, Larry Ellison (Oracle), Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), John Chambers (Cisco), Jack Ma (Alibaba), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Bill Gross, and maybe others who are sitting with David and Charles Koch who initiated the meeting and carefully selected the invitees. Gates created the incredible potential importance of this meeting by suggesting the wealthy people of the world should use a portion of their wealth to help the less fortunate and to benefit mankind in general. Also important to our purposes, Gates controls the company that operates most of the world's computers. Cook controls the company that operates the rest. Buffett has already left most of his estate to the Gates Foundation. Ellison controls the company that builds the software that manages the business data processing/networks of the world's largest companies. Chambers controls the company that forms the backbone of the internet. Helu controls one of the western world's largest telecoms. Bezos controls America's largest retailer; Ma, the world's largest retailer. Zuckerberg controls the platform where everybody meets and communicates with everybody else. Gross has special insight for the capital and financial markets. The people at this table can build a private digital gold currency and integrate it into the world's business community, markets and into every individual's personal financial affairs simultaneously, and virtually over night.

    Charles Koch begins, "For centuries, governments, elite institutions, and charitable entities have designed programs to help the poor and less fortunate members of society. At most, these programs have only managed to alleviate a few short-term symptoms and afflictions. The real problems that result in poverty are not addressed and may never arguably be solved using these approaches. And it can be easily argued that most, maybe all, government programs camouflage the symptoms while perpetuating the problems rather than solving them. The billionaires of the world who are responding to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett by leaving parts of their fortunes to charity in order to help the less fortunate are good, well-motivated and unselfish people, but David and I believe that we can show the people sitting at this table a better way to use your fortunes, and it includes the potential to solve many, maybe most, of the problems that plague people around the world and that, not incidentally, are the very problems which form the framework that often results in poverty."

    Koch continues, "Everyone here today has been invited for a reason: Carlos Slim Helu was skeptical of Buffett's and Gates's request, arguing that instead of giving their fortunes to the poor, Buffett and Gates should use their fortunes to build factories and give them jobs instead. My brother and I believe there is something still better. Thomas Paine spawned the Declaration of Independence with his pamphlet entitled Common Sense. It began with these forgotten concepts, "Some writers have so confounded society with government, as to leave little or no distinction between them...Society in every state is a blessing, but government even in its best state is but a necessary evil." Paine continued, "We have every opportunity and every encouragement before us, to form the noblest, purest constitution on the face of the earth. We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

    Koch allows a few seconds for these ideas to be absorbed and then resumes, "A private digital gold currency can fulfill Paine's 1776 promise beginning with the 2016 election. As the leaders of the world's largest businesses, the people sitting at this table have the knowledge and means to form a new bank and other financial institutions based on a new currency that will become the global reserve currency because gold is the world's oldest proven currency, and modern computers combined with the internet allow gold to travel at the speed of light from any bank account to any other bank account or to any person with virtually no associated transaction costs. Given that the choice is available, how often would any individual or institution choose to use a fiat currency over our private digital gold currency? Over time, most banks and governments would have little choice but to abandon banking and political schemes whose economics are unsound or that depend on fiat currencies for benefits that are actually economic illusions."

Another Illustrative Round Table Group can be scheduled soon: A President Trump can and will be far more effective than any candidate in the discussion that follows:

    Picture yourself as one of the 2016 Republican primary candidates, (Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Mark Rubio and the others) sitting at the table with Charles Koch and David Koch. The Kochs have invited the participants and Charles Koch moderates the discussion which he begins with these words, "Thank you for coming. If these discussions go as planned, sitting at this table are the 2017 President, the 2017 Vice President and subsequent President, the 2017 Whitehouse Chief of Staff, Secretary of Treasury and other cabinet positions of choice plus a future Supreme Court Justice. I believe that governments at all levels in the United States have lost sight of the Constitution, lost sight of what it means to be FREE, and even lost sight of what it means to be American instead of Amerikan. All of you have been invited here on the behalf of a dozen billionaires who intend to put our support behind the candidate who is willing to support an agenda aimed at restoring economic and political freedom to every individual American. The candidate of our choice can run with our support and our money. Winning an election without our support is likely to be more difficult for anybody seeking public office."

The Third Round Table will include the modern equivalents of Paul Revere and Thomas Paine, conservative talk show hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Mark Levin and others. These men will explain why Social Security is a Trojan Horse and present the arguments for The Great Debate and the Contract With Congress to their audiences and in turn the public. These will not be our only media outlets; Mr. Helu is the single largest shareholder of the New York Times and Mr. Bezos now owns the Washington Post whose editorial patterns should become more balanced to include the truth, not just the propaganda of the socialists. The Mises Institute is the world's leading website concerning Austrian economics. We hope and expect Austrian theory economists to become advisors to our educational, economic and political efforts. And we are hoping and anticipating that Matt Drudge will put a link to our web site on his Drudge Report homepage.

"We have it in our power to begin the world over again."

The Lessons Of History